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Arconic – Jetsons
Production: Bullitt Branded
Producer: Geoff McLean
Director: Justin Lin

Autotrader – One Search
Production: Skunk US
Producer: Rachel Curl
Director: Paul Minor

Captain Morgan – Downspout
Production: Partners Film
Producer: Peter Oad
Director: Jonty Toosey

Desjardins – Music
Production: Cinélande
Producer: Nick Jolicoeur
Director: Jean-Francois Asselin

Dodge – Chase A Wolf
Production: Bullitt Branded
Producer: Geoff McLean
Director: Spiro Razatos

Doritos – Snowman
Production: Pulse Films
Producer: Geoff McLean
Director: Martin Kalina

Famous Footwear
Production: Zoic Studios
Producer: Renee Poulin
Director: Loni Peristere

Fiat – Dog Sled
Production: Caviar Content
Producer: Bernard Rahill
Director: Arnaud Uyttenhove

Healthy Choice – Branching Out
Production: Slim Pictures
Producer: AJ Curle
Director: Bradley Morrison

Mercedes – SLS AMG
Production: Markenfilm Crossing
Producer: Oliver Hack
Director: Lisk & Possardt

Nissan – Ice Cream
Production: Skin & Bones
Producer: Andrew Sulliman
Director: David Hicks

Peugeot – Push The Limits
Production: Wanda Paris
Producers: Jérome Denis, Ed Callaghan
Director: Noam Murro

Edible Arrangements – Loveable
Production: Blacklist
Producer: Kathrin Jassmann
Director: No Brushing

Jared – Dare To be Devoted
Production: Pulse Films
Producer: Jenni Haberstock
Director: Ryan Booth

Subway – At The Farm
Production: Cinélande
Producer: Nick Jolicoeur
Director: Mélanie Charbonneau

Tropicana – Arctic Sun
Production: Filmgroup.TV
Producer: Michael Haldane
Director: Samir Mallal

Winner of the Golden Lion at the 2010 Cannes International Advertising Festival

Long Format

Producer: Florian Körner von Gustorf
Director: Thomas Arslan

Comforting Skin
Director: Derek Franson