~ George Addair

This has been my life’s motto for a long time not only on a personal level but in business as well.

I thrive on challenges and love pushing the envelope, thinking outside the box and finding the best possible creative solutions to give directors and clients the best possible outcome for their project.

I work with a smile on my face and a song on my lips, enjoying the process of filmmaking and the creativity and joy it brings. I love the diversity of this industry and even with over 20 years of film industry experience each project is still unique.

I have shot on the ocean, coordinated helicopters, navigated a film crew through a wildfire and transported 130 cylinders of helium to the Canadian Arctic to float a balloon light. I have sold cars and sandwiches and pharmaceuticals; inventoried half a million dollars worth of jewelry on my office floor, organized cranes and drones and camera cars; drove with stunt drivers in supercars and travelled to set on a horse.

My work has brought me to many extraordinary locations all over Canada and my European background and fluency in German has contributed to opportunities in Europe as well.

Currently, I am based out of Toronto, ready and willing to find the next adventure.


“I have two requirements for the people I work with; they’ve got to be great at what they do and they’ve got to be nice. Kat hits it out of the park on both counts. She brings a West Coast brand of enthusiasm to her work. She’s equal parts diplomat, wrangler and party host. Please don’t hire her, because I need her available next time I’m in town.”

~ Clay Williams – Director

“One of the things I admire most about Kat is her ability to bring together a solid, cohesive team. She cares deeply about establishing stability and ensuring that every project is set up for success. In a world where anything can go wrong, Kat embodies the ethos of “hope for the best, prepare for the worst.” Kat is an invaluable producer and an integral member of our film family.”

~ Julie Kim – Director/DP

“Kat offers everything that a great production must have: leadership, honesty, and drive. Kat made my life easier by always thinking one step ahead, it’s all in the details! Already looking forward to the next project.”

~ Alex Ertaskiran – Executive Producer at Cinélande et Associés

“I loved, loved working with Kat! She is smart, solution-oriented, and really partners with the agency producer to figure out the production, any problems that arise, and making sure everything is buttoned up. She is very good at making the money work and is on top of everything! The agency and clients all enjoyed having her on set and keeping us moving throughout the day.”

~ Matt Hines – Senior Producer at FCB Health NY

“I would not recommend booking Kat, as I need her schedule free to produce my jobs.”

~ Jono Holmes – Director

“Kat is a no nonsense, hard-working and super fun person to work with. She is a master of logistics and her passion shines through in everything she does. She is a valuable team player and competently guides her teams through challenging situations.”

~ Laura Byrnes – Production Manager